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Top 5 Barcelona apps during a short stay rental

With the city celebrating its recently awarded status of ‘World Mobile City’ by the Mobile World Congress, we share the best Barcelona apps to use while staying in shortstay Barcelona real estate. Barcelona is a great temporary base for people who find themselves in the city for a short stay. The city is easy to… Read more »

Barcelona property and business relocation

When considering buying Barcelona property that will also be your home here, the health of the local business market becomes a deciding factor. As part of your relocation to Spain, transferring or setting up a business base needs to be weighed up against the local context.   The good news for those interested in Barcelona… Read more »

Why not use Barcelona real estate as an excuse for dining out?

The value of Barcelona real estate is in part influenced by the city’s reputation as a cosmopolitan, vibrant, world-class city. Lucas Fox Director, Alex Vaughan, last week explained that one of the reasons for Barcelona’s high standing as a valued brand – apart from the safety, the climate and the airport destination access – is… Read more »