Business Barcelona: 5 reasons to locate

Thinking of finding a European office for your business? Barcelona commercial property offers specific advantages. Here’s our top 5 reasons why.

1. Accessibility to markets and audience market segments

For business, Barcelona makes sense as a commercial hub as it has a steady stream of access to international clients, potential customers and industry markets. With the largest number of conference attendance goers in the world, and the second largest number of international business events hosted in the city’s world-class conference venues, there is ready access to global markets as C-level decision-makers regularly flow through the city to attend corporate events as speakers, expo reps or event participants.

2. Availability of qualified workforce

There are a number of factors that suggest recruiting a workforce for business in Barcelona is easier than in other European cities:

  • Barcelona is consistently voted number one as best city “in terms of quality of life for employees” by Cushman and Wakefield’s annual European Cities Monitor survey. This means many qualified staff across Europe are willing to relocate to work for business, Barcelona.
  • Barcelona has seen massive growth in the number of microbusinesses and new startups with this year figure’s doubling last year’s new business establishments. These businesses make ideal contracted labor force, as a large number of these businesses specialize in professional services, communications, new technologies and administrative and ancillary services.
Business Barcelona properties

Properties like this building in Gracia are ideal for setting up business in Barcelona


3. Quality of communication technologies and telecommunications

With close to 97% of the city covered by wifi access, telecommunications is never a problem in the world’s first designated World Mobile City. While this label has been applied to acknowledge the cities’ hosting role until 2018 for the Mobile World Congress, in reality it means an annual calendar of events and business activities aimed at demonstrating the links between telecommunications and urban business environments. The cities’ Barcelona Activa business support strategy has also fostered a strong new media and telecommunications sector to be based in the city.

4. International and city-to-city transport links

Barcelona El Prat airport is an easy 20 minutes from the city center with daily flights to international business locations across Europe and throughout the world, including daily flights to new markets including Sao Paolo, Moscow and Dubai. Inter-city transport links via the comfortable and highspeed AVE train network is surpassed only by Japan in terms of speed and efficiency.

5. Office space that represents value for money

Non-CBD areas represent the best office opportunities for buyers looking to setup their Barcelona business headquarters, with yields at a record high of 7.25% in the second quarter of 2011.

Prime office space in Eixample, Barcelona are in short supply, often with only secondary spaces available. This has led to a market environment in which rents are stabilizing and market predictions have suggested that there will be no further price drops in average rent per metre squared.

For renters, Barcelona CBD averaged 19 euros per square metre at midyear point, while decentralized office spaces were averaging 15.25 euros.

Are you interested in seeing some of the best value office spaces for your business? Barcelona-based Lucas Fox corporate real estate agent, Aimar Valls is available to discuss the best purchase or rental options.

Please share with us in the comments below: Are you looking at setting up or expanding your business in Barcelona? Which of the above five factors are most important to you?


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