Hidden Gems of Costa Brava – Part 2

For buyers interested in property for sale in Costa Brava, we spoke to some local businesses about what parts of the coastline they love the most. You can also read our September article about luxury real estate in Costa Brava for the first part of our hidden gems of the coast.

property for sale in Costa BravaSilvia Portavella operates Begur Boats, a boat rental business in Costa Brava. We asked her about hidden Costa Brava gems while she prepared for a trip to the Ukraine to learn Russian. “I love the clear waters of Cala Marquesa. It’s one of the coast’s smaller beaches that can only be reached by boat,” Ms Portavella shared with us.

Throughout the summer months in particular, many visitors staying in the area combine a short-term housing rental with a chance to get out in the seas on a boat. One recent renter shares: “We rented a boat for 10 days, which was the full time we spent in the area. During the holidays, Begur Boats came to perform maintenance and cleaning of the boat continuously; also they provided all the extras we asked for. It was the first time we were boating in this coast and enjoyed it very much!”

Boat renters must have a nautical licence, although Ms Portadella can arrange a professional skipper with enough notice.

Eloi Ruart is a familiar name to many Lucas Fox clients, as his architecture firm has been eagerly sought after by buyers looking at property for sale in Costa Brava who intend to remodel their new homes. One of Mr Ruart’s favorite areas of Costa Brava is the Cami de Ronda, a walkway that stretches along the coastline and makes for an ideal exercise and relaxation route for anyone visiting the area.

“But really, the best thing about Costa Brava is the lack of massive developments. Everything has been kept at a low scale,” Mr Ruart explains. “This is now one of the most valuable aspects for prospective buyers looking for quality places. Development hasn’t been as aggressive as in the other Costas and now everyone realizes it’s an asset that building has been in line with the landscape.”

Hidden gems of Costa BravaTom Maidment – a Director with Lucas Fox Costa Brava – agrees with Mr Ruart about the area’s natural beauty: “The area is very green which always surprises people when they visit for the first time. Most people visiting to see property for sale in Costa Brava expect the landscape to be dry and arid and are surprised to find it so lush.”

For Josep Marin of Banco Sabadell, the Cami de Ronda is also a standout that few tourists and new buyers know about before they arrive. “At Banco Sabdell we work with buyers in their preferred language and can support you throughout the purchasing process where financial documentation including contracts, tax declarations and customs may be necessary,” Mr Marin explains.

“Walking routes are parallel to the coast, usually on foot paths, and sometimes difficult, but they offer the best scenery and access to deserted beaches.”

Visitors can enjoy these gems of Costa Brava all year round, according to Mr Maidment: “It doesn’t get too cold in the winter. You can still sit outside in shirt sleeves for lunch on the beach in January, for example.” According to our interviewees, the reliable climate, beautiful scenery and range of leisure activities make the area ideal to visit all year round for anyone looking at property for sale in Costa Brava.

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