6 Reasons To Love Living in Eixample Izquierda

Eixample Izquierda is one of the most popular areas for rental and purchasing of luxury property in Barcelona. Here are 6 reasons we have heard from local residents about why they love living in Eixample Izquierda.

1. Joan Miro Park

Joan Miro Park

Joan Miro Park hosts one of the artist's most magnificent sculptures

Joan Miro Park on the edge of Eixample Izquierda and Plaza Espanya is a simple yet peaceful urban parkland that immediately creates an air of relaxation and lets you slow down a little the minute you step onto the sandy pathways.


2. Gayxample

Eixample Izquierda has a greater density of the city’s gay bars and hangouts than any other part of Barcelona. The district welcomes everyone and gives gay couples the space to live comfortably and freely without fear of discrimination or harassment. It is an attitude that has been adopted by the city all over with gay displays of affection barely turning a head or causing a fuss anywhere in Barcelona.

3. Biz 63

While there are more overtly gay clothing stores around Casanova and Diputacio, the unassuming Biz63 at Casanova, 63 offers a quality line of modern fashions for men who are looking for masculine every day wear, not Sitges showoff swimsuits or raver boy getups.

Casa Julia

Casa Julia in the north of Eixample Izquierda serves some of the city's best paella

Owned by a former champion basketballer who has won medals at the Gay Games, the selection of men’s clothing includes local designers and best-in-show items from well known brands. Nothing too outrageous, these are clothes that you feel comfortable wearing anywhere.


4. Restaurants let you explore the diversity of Spanish cuisine

In Eixample Izquierda, you can explore the idiosyncracies of each Spanish cuisine style without having to leave the neighborhood. Basque pintxos tapas bars are positioned along Carrer Arago, Casa Julia serves one of the best paella in the city in a plaza just off Avenida Roma, and Restaurant Marcos in Diputacio serves simple but succulent Gallegas dishes of meats and fish.

5. Property prices hold their value

Eixample Izquierda

Properties like this are in great demand for rent and purchase in Eixample Izquierda

Eixample Izquierda average house prices have remained aligned with the slight drop observable in the whole of Barcelona average prices – a -8% annual variation at June 2011. Properties at the high end of the market, however, are in strong demand as quality luxury apartments are lacking in supply. Eixample Izquierda is one of the most sought after areas of Barcelona for luxury properties and at the midyear point recorded a maximum price per m2 of €5,293.


Meanwhile, rental properties also prove to be a solid investment with prices maintained at €11.8 per m2 a month for Eixample Izquierda apartment rentals.

6. Living in one of the world’s most successful urban planning experiments

Eixample Izaquierda from above

Eixample Izquierda from above

The grid pattern of Eixample Izquierda was the brainchild of urban planning visionary Ildefons Cerda who layed out the district in octagonal blocks that allowed for greater visibility and some short term car parking at each intersection, and a building design originally intended to surround an internal courtyard that could be accessed by all the buildings residents. His commitment to community-based city living in which schools, hospitals, parks and markets are sprinkled within the district has since become the benchmark for cities around the world. Global cities are now focused on ensuring that every citizen lives within 5-10 minutes walk of a park, a library, a fresh food market and a range of community services.


Aerial views of Eixample Izquierda are breathtaking and fill you with pride that you live in one of the greatest urban design plans of the world.

What do you love about Eixample Izquierda? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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